Indian Martial Arts

Martial arts is a part of Indian culture. It is a traditional game. South India is the origin of Martial arts. It refers to the fighting systems of the Indian South Asia.


Martial Arts has different names and different forms in the regions of India. India Martial Arts an important role in the development of modern asian martial arts. South Asian martial arts is preferred for neutrality, the fighting styles of all the countries are generally accepted as “Indian” due to shared history and culture.


A variation is used for the English phrases “South Asian martial arts” or “Indian martial arts” deriving from Sanskrit .


The Indian Wrestling, Khusti is also a part of the Indian Martial arts found throughout the Indian regions. In the modern age people are opting martial arts for self-defense and fitness .


Indian martial arts can be divided into north indian and south indian arts


Silambam Martial Arts


slimbam-newSilambam is derived from the word Silmbamboo. This art is based on weapon or stick. This martial arts is the main game in the state Tamil Nadu. Each and Every states has its own styles. A huge variety of sticks are used in silambam ,. Silambam art is also used for animal movements of eagle, snake, tiger plays a key role. There is an another part of Silambam is Kuttu Varisai.












Gatka Martial Arts
gatkaGatka martial art is art of the state Punjab. It is created by the Sikh of Punjab. This art is considered as physical as well as mental exercise.

Many weapons are used in gatka martial arts like kirpaan, talwar, stick and kataar. But Sword is the main weapon which is used in gatka. Gatka art is used in many celebrations in the state Punjab.













Kalarippayattu Martial Arts
kalaripayattKalarippayattu martial art is the oldest art. Kalarippayattu is also known as Chinese art because Bhodh Dharma took knowledge of this art from India to China.

This art is very famous in Kerala actually this is the main art of the people of Kerala. It is a famous fighting system. It is playing in many parts of india specially in Kerala. Kalarippayattu martial art is beased on kicks, strikes and other many weapons.

This is very famous art which is used in bollywood film Ashoka.








Mardani Khel Martial Arts


mardani khelThis martial art is one of most popular art in all parts of the state Maharashtra. Martha is the creature of Mardani Khel martial art.

Kohlapur is very famous city for mardani khel. Many different type of weapons are used in this art like sword, talwar, vita, dhala, katyara, lathi, bothati, bhala etc.













Sqay Martial Arts
sqayKashmir is the father of Sqay martial art. The Kashmiris have their own form of sqay martial art. This art is South Asian martial art which is originating in the state of Kashmir.
This martial art serve as for Kashmir people to connect with their heritage. Many techniques are used in sqay art like chops, punches,locks and kicks etc.















Kathi Samu Martial Arts
kathi samuKathi Samu martial art is Originating from Andhra Pradesh. This is an ancient skill which is mastered by the royal armies of Andhra Pradesh.

Various kinds of swords are used in Kathi Samu martial art. Where this martial art is performed is called as Garidi. This is a fighting art which is placed between two long swords.

















Bandesh Martial Arts
bandeshBandesh is a martial art technique which is used with free hand performance. It is an ancient art used to play without any type of life injury. Many type of lock holds are used to defeat.

















Thang Ta and Sarit Sarak Martial Arts
thang taThang Ta is a weapon based martial art. Manipur state is the origion of this art and created by the Meitei . This martial art is also known as Huyen Lallong.

Thang Ta is also called Manipuri martial art which is gracefully sophisticated art with swords and spears.












Paika Akhadha Martial Arts


Paika-AkhadaPaika Akhanda is the martial art of the people of the state Odisha. This art is a combination of dance and combat. Firstly this art is used by the state warriors but now it is used like a performance art.

This art has a great meaning where Paika means Fighter and Akhadha means Regular training centre.

In Oriya language Paika Akhadha means Warrior school. It is used as a physical exercise with rhythmic movements. Paika Akhadha word comes from Sanskrit.






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