Functions and Benefits of E-Commerce


Following are the basic function of E-commerce:

(a)   Easy access to information and products.

(b)   It provides a platform for various groups who are interested in exchanging information and services.

(c)   It supports process management in the commercial sphere.

(d)  It improves the quality of service by keeping a track on the shipped product.

For example :  The Federal Express website.

(e)  Facilitates buying and selling of goods or services.


Following are the benefits provided by E-commerce

(a)   Provides a global platform to start a new business.

(b)   It improve the quality of products and provides the ability to produce customized goods.

(c)   It saves the customers’ time.

(d)   It provides and awareness about the new and upcoming markets.

(e)   It provides goods at a competitive rate.