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  • Secondary Memory

    2. Secondary Memory This type of memory is also known as External Memory or Non-Volatile. It is slower than main memory. These are used for storing data/information permanently. CPU directly does not access these memories instead they are accessed via input-output routines. Contents of secondary memories are first transferred to main memory and then CPU […]

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  • Primary Memory

    Memory is used to store the information that the computer is currently using. It is sometimes called main or primary memory. One form of memory is called RAM (Random Access Memory). This means that any location. Memory access means one of two things, either the CPU is writing to a memory location. When the CPU […]

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  • Input Devices

    Input devices are components that enter data or instructions into a computer or other computational devices for display, storage, processing, outputting or transmission. They convert the instruction and analog data like graphics, sound and picture into digital signals that can be processed by a computer. Computer can communicate with the user through input devices. They […]